Jameson Lopp Supports McCormack’s Decision To Proceed With Lawsuit Against Craig Wright

Peter McCormack, host of the popular podcast What Bitcoin Did, recently announced his decision to proceed with the lawsuit filed against him by Australian entrepreneur and Bitcoin SV proponent Craig Wright.

Wright, who claims to be the creator of bitcoin, also known as Satoshi Nakamoto in the crypto community, had appealed to a UK court on 17 April, accusing McCormack of defamation.

Craig Wright’s defamation charges started with Hodlonaut, and then continued after several people, including Peter McCormack, received similar legal notices.

With the lawsuit proceeding, McCormack received immense support from the community heavyweights such as bitcoin developer Jameson Lopp, TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington, and popular cryptoanalyst, Josh Rager.

Lopp stated in a tweet that McCormack had flown to the US to interview him in 2017. He offered to return the favour to McCormack by flying to the UK and offering his testimony to a judge while referring to Wright as “a pathological liar.”

Along with McCormack, Lopp is another of Wright’s most vocal opponents. Lopp has spent months researching for a deep-dive into Wright’s life. Titled “How Many Wrongs Make a Wright?,” the op-ed has been reviewed numerous times by researchers and legal teams. Lopp’s involvement and knowledge of Wright’s life make him a valuable witness and asset in McCormack’s fight against the plaintiff.
Many in the crypto community supported Lopp’s offer with some even referring to him as a “legend”.

McCormack also explained that he needed a trusted group of bitcoiners to do the best they could to raise funds in order to fight this lawsuit. He said,

“We will build the most vigorous defence possible and use the full weight of evidence that supports us in this case. I will likely require the support of expert developers, cryptographers and OGs to give evidence in support. Thank you to the many offers already received… While I can cover some of the cost, a solid defence will require a fund, and I am therefore accepting the advice and support of everyone.”