Italy Takes A Step Forward Regarding Blockchain Developments

Italy is making some serious headway with regard to its plans concerning blockchain technology. The country recently launched its first blockchain technology regulation,  according to TPI News – an Italian media.

Approved by the Committee of Constitutional Affairs & Public Works of the Italian Senate, this regulation marks an attempt to integrate blockchain technology into the economy of the country.

Although not passed yet, the decree has been introduced and scheduled to move further up to the Senate. One of the areas kept in mind is the field of record keeping. The application has been carefully drafted and a lot of thought has been put into it.

Adoption of blockchain technology will help make the e-government services of the country more efficient. Not just Italy, a collection of European Union countries have decided to integrate blockchain into their economies.

Additionally, the technology will help make the process of administartion much more transparent to the public. This could help eliminate corruption and any sort of tampering of official records.
It would also take the load off of a lot of public servants.

A legal Commission of the European Union’s Digital Economy & Society put a lot of thought into distributed ledger technology (DLT). It is going to be a brilliant addition to any public service that it is added to. EU states would be able to maintain records and oversee work in a much more efficient fashion if this technology was to be integrated into public service.

The technology will also open up new avenues and employment opportunities for people who understand the technology. It would also make the entire process of administration a lot more reliable, since there will be no room for manipulation of any records.

We hope to see Italy take their blockchain plans further and actually successfully integrate it into the economy of the country.