Is XRP Prices About To Blow up?

The cryptocurrency market is rejoicing with every passing day as Bitcoin prices seem to be touching new highs every day, breaking key resistance levels. Apart from Bitcoin, major altcoins have seen a surge and added double-digit gains since the April Surge. However, even amid the best of times for crypto market in 2019, XRP, the native token of Ripple seems to have been cursed, as it is finding extremely difficult to get past the $0.3 price bracket.

The failure of XRP to ride on the recent bullish sentiments are quite puzzling to many as the mainnet Ripple has been making great progress in worldwide adoption with major commercial as well as central banks of various countries adopting Ripple made Banking technology in their consensus.

However, many believe that the recent string of developments would help the prices of XRP boom and peak new highs. Among all the major developments and key partnership, the most notable has been the update of xCurrent which is one of the most widely used Ripple-made banking solutions in recent time.

Major institutions like  IMF, EU Commission, and the World Bank are all on board with Ripple which pegs XRP to take center stage in a year or two. With these major adoption and partnerships, Ripple is setting up to hold a monopoly on banking systems and payment solutions in a couple of years time.

One such report which suggests that the current struggles of XRP are only short term reads,

In March 2019, Ripple’s XRP-powered xRapid remittance product was highlighted by the World Bank in an article about improving remittances services and blockchain technology. They even praised Ripple’s xRapid pilot program in the US-Mexico corridor, noting that involved financial institutions saved between 40-70% on foreign exchange rates and drove payment times down to around 2 minutes, as opposed to a few days.”

Apart from these strategic partnerships and wide adoption, another factor that might play in XRP’s favor is the joining of its co-founder Chris Larsen in the IMF panel. The said IMF panel is focused on innovations in the fintech world, and various use cases of blockchain tech to streamline the procedure in the financial landscape.