Samsung Galaxy S10 Crypto Wallet

Is The Samsung S10’s Crypto Wallet Breachable?

We had previously reported that the new Samsung Galaxy S10 Features a Crypto Wallet. It was a groundbreaking moment for the company, which was looking to enter the crypto space with this new feature.

However, due to a recent video posted on Imgur by a user named darkshark, lot of concerns have been raised regarding the security of this new device. In the video, the user was able to fool the S10’s ultrasonic fingerprint scanner using 3D printing.

This is a huge setback for Samsung and their new S10 product, which was aiming to target the crypto market in specific. A lot of crypto enthusiasts were riled up about this imminent product because of the crypto wallet feature.

In the video, Darkshark explains how Samsung’s fingerprint recognition was bypassed by him without much hassle. He began by using the smartphone to capture a picture of his fingerprint on the side of a wine glass. Then, he edited the image via Photoshop to increase the contrast and create an alpha mask.

After that, he exported that to 3ds Max, which is 3D modeling and rendering software. Post that he created a geometry displacement from the Photoshop image, which then resulted in the creation of the 3D model with all the details of the fingerprint.

The print was the final step, which took as less as 13 minutes. This just goes to show how convenient it can be to hack into a person’s S10 device and access their crypto wallet. The phone which launched last month, has an impressive list of features, but the real question is whether or not it can be trusted with the security of something as valuable as crypto.

The wallet at the moment is only available to users within the US, Canada and Korea.