Is Auditchain Really Bankrupt?

In an interview with, Jason Meyers said that the Auditchain project will continue as scheduled and the firm is slated releasing two products in the Q2 of the current year.

He denied clarity that the firm is in six hundred thousand dollars ($600k) debt and claims that the two million dollar funding has been used to build two products.

On the other hand, the Marketing Advisor of the firm Yaros Belkin has revealed that Jason has not been able to honor the agreement with his team and the investors. Yaros later clarified,

Let’s be reasonable – how would I possibly know the total amount of investors if Jason is refusing to show any debt documentations or SAFTA to anyone, including business developer from the crypto community, who brought it first seed investors back in 2017 when no one would believe in Jason [him not being from the crypto community, back then it was still a thing. Now everyone seems to be “from cryptocommunity”.

Talking about his own relationship with Jason he explained that the two were in discussion for quite some time for different positions in the firm before Belkin decided to stick to the advisory position. He said,

I was just a humble Marketing Advisor all the time. I was initially offered a CMO position by Jason himself, but I refused it because from the very beginning I clearly saw his despotic kind of leadership would not let me manage marketing professionally. He would argue about every single thing and want everything his way to the point that I refused being part of the project. But he came back wanting me again and we’ve settled on me being the Advisor and him respecting my point of view.

Belkin also revealed that it is in speculations that Auditchain burned through at least two million dollars ($2m), a current (more or less) proved debt of the project is around $600k, that  Talking about the agreement shared by Georges Al Madawar a business developer who did a seed round for Auditchain, did an awful lot for the project to rise at some point. Talking about the shared agreement and the legal letter Meyers scornfully expressed, The bottom feeders of the crypto space seem to have nothing better to do all day long than attack the innovation of others. Answering the question about the SAFT list he has failed to produced Meyers rhetorically asked, It is not clear that the people you are getting your information from want to kill the project? Whether or not the project is dead remains o be a mystery as long as Jason Meyers does not share the documents needed to assess the losses, debts, and money required to run the project.

Since no other information has been found, it is premature to assume anything and what has actually happened to Auditchange remains a mystery to this date.