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Is Apple Really Interested In Blockchain?

As per recent reports, Apple has submitted what looks like an arcane filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). It seems that the document contains tantalizing details about the computing giant’s interest in blockchain technology.

The document entitled “Summary of Apple’s Commitment to Responsible Sourcing” – lays out the company’s position on “upholding human rights across its global network of suppliers that support the manufacturing of its mobile communication and media devices, personal computers, and related accessories.” Considering both its internal framework as well as its dealings with supply chain providers, the document delineates Apple’s efforts to ethically source materials for its popular products like the iPhone.
The Feb. 15 filing discusses Apple’s involvement in the drafting of “Blockchain Guidelines” for the Responsible Business Alliance’s Responsible Minerals Initiative.

An RBA press release states that these “voluntary guidelines” were published in mid-December last year and “represent a first industry effort to define a common set of principles, attributes and definitions for the application of blockchain technology to support mineral supply chain due diligence.” It does not mention Apple’s involvement, but the tech firm is listed as a “Company Member” on the effort’s official web page.

The filing additionally states that in 2018, Apple chaired the board of the RBA and participated in a number of its internal committees and working groups, including “the blockchain team.”

Apple-watchers might want to know whether the Cupertino colossus is on the cusp of joining the growing ranks of tech giants that are offering some form of blockchain-related service. They might also want know of Apple is working on some kind of supply chain-focused solution. However, a request for more information  has not yet been returned.

The debate whether Apple will take an  active participant in the blockchain industry, remains a pertinent one, as there persists a demonstrable internal interest.

The crypto space has seen Apple veterans join industry startups, while in a published patent has been filed by Apple detailing a proposed program to certify timestamps by combining aspects of blockchain technology with Public Key Infrastructure (PKI).