Iran’s Government Will Not Issue License For Importing Crypto Mining Equipment

A few days ago, BTC Wires had reported that Iran Blames US Of Blocking Their Crypto Mining Efforts but now it seems that there is a far more difficult obstacle for crypto mining in the country, for which the internal government is to blame.

A Tehran based news outlet has reported that Iran’s customs administration has not issued licenses for importing crypto mining equipment into the country, since no approval from the government has been forthcoming.

Jamal Arounaghi, the Deputy President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration (IRICA) has said that the agency does not have the authority to issue the requisite license, until the government authorizes them to. Once the government gives them the green signal, only then can they develop related activities.

For the time being, IRICA has grouped crypto mining equipment under  computers and central processors and have fixed a tariff rate for its import. However, Jamal clearly indicated that just because the item has a tariff rate, does not mean that it is legal or approved by the state.

The global community has for long believed that Iran has been using crypto mining as a way to circumvent the sanctions imposed on the country  by the US. However, the dilly dallying of the government on approving the import of mining equipment says a different story.

We have to wait and see if the government will change its decision in the upcoming days or is it just a ploy to make the global community feel that official stance on crypto mining is still negative.