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Iran Says Brazil Has Been The Biggest Victim of Coinhive Cryptojacking

Iran’s cybersecurity authority has made a very interesting observation public, quite recently. They claimed that Brazil tops the list of the countries that have suffered due to Coinhive cryptojacking software, and has been subjected to the highest number of attacks.

Iranian authorities released a report on malware in 2017, Monday, October 8. According to the report, Brazil has been hit  81,000 times by Coinhive. India features in the second spot, having a total number of 29,000 times. The third position has Indonesia with more than 23,000 times. Iran had 11,000 incidents reported.

So what is Coinhive Cryptojacking?

Coinhive is a cryptocurrency mining software which primarily mines Monero (XMR),. Developers receive an Application Programming Interface (API) which allows them to use a website visitors’ CPU resources to mine the privacy-centered altcoin.

Now the problem with that is, many websites around the world which contain malicious code, have infected the device with Coinhive, without letting the user become aware of it. A study in May, pinned the number of such websites to 300 worldwide. The League of Legends Philippines has recently removed it from its interface, and a cryptojacking case with Coinhive was reported in Japan, which was then looked into by the officials.

As far as Iran is concerned, the capital Tehran saw the most cases reported, the number reaching 606. The authors of the report stated

“It is expected to be one of the security challenges in years to come,”

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