Infinito Wallet Partners With Cloud-based Platform Holdex to Offer Token Sales to Users

Infinito Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet that supports the storage of several different kinds of crypto assets, has partnered with cloud platform Holdex with the objective of facilitating the issuance and distribution of tokens. With this new collaboration, we can eventually expect full support for crowdfunding of token sales.

As per a joint press release that has been sent out by the two partnering firms, their collaboration will result in the integration of the Infinito Wallet Platform, with the decentralized service provided by Holdex. This will enable users to take part in token sales. If you have read about the cryptocurrency trends of April 2019, you would know how the practice of crypto exchanges launching token sales is catching on and it now seems that wallets are also ready to jump onto the bandwagon.

The objective of this partnership is to do more than bring the two communities of users together. It also aims at providing a seamless experience for those who wish to avail of storage facilities for their crypto or participate in the token distribution process. The two firms plan to give new startups the access to Utility Token Offerings for getting blockchain-based financing.

Jack Nguyen, the CEO of the Infinito Wallet had the following statement to make:

“We know that only by helping businesses and startups put blockchain into practice, this disruptive technology can fully evolve as it should. Therefore, partnering with Holdex is a significant step for Infinito to not just provide better service for our users but also contribute to the global blockchain ecosystem.”

Vadim Zolotokrylin, the CEO of Holdex echoed his new partner’s sentiments in the following terms:

“Partnering up with Infinito Wallet is a key milestone in our journey to aid startup financing. While we focus on enabling financing via our infrastructure and network, Infinito and their technology unlock the potential for our projects to reach a massive community of users.”