Indian Teen Threatened To Blow Up Miami Airport Over A Bitcoin Con Deal

Long gone are the days when teenagers used to get in trouble for making prank calls to their schools or the pizza place nearby; they now make threat calls to airports over a bitcoin deal gone wrong..

An 18 year old Indian teenager, called the Miami airport and threatened to blow it up, after the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) turned a deaf ear to his complaints, that claimed he was conned in a bitcoin deal. A student of standard XII, the teen was arrested by UP Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS) from the Jalaun district of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh.

The story goes, that this teen got involved in a bitcoin deal which proved to be a sham and he got conned. He then tried to seek some redressal from the FBI, but did not get an appropriate response. He claims that he was duped of Rs 70,000 in a bitcoin deal in June after which he made 50 calls to the FBI.

He was disappointed and angry with the FBI’s response. This prompted him to make a threat call to the authorities at the Miami airport. The boy told the ATS officials,

“After not getting proper response from FBI, I made calls to Miami Airport authorities and threatened an attack. I told them that I would bring AK-47s, grenades and suicide belts and blow up the airport”

This is a serious offence and exposes how unaware and uninformed the local youth in India is regarding cryptocurrencies. To begin with, India is still largely anti-crypto in its stance and has not embraced the digital currency. This has given a lot of dark entities on the internet, an opportunity to offer people illegal ways to trade in crypto. Such illegal means of trading are not safe and can’t be guaranteed, but people are getting lured into these scams and cons.

The need of the hour is proper regulation in India regarding crypto. The more people try to illegally seek out crypto, the more dangerous these deals become. Without any proper regulation, it is also difficult to offer victims of such cons, any proper justice.