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Indian State of Manipur Signs MoU With Lynked.World To Foster Blockchain Developments

India has emerged as a country that is willing to embrace blockchain technology and harness its power, to optimize its utility. The recent Indian state to join this endeavour is Manipur, which has recently signed a MoU with Lynked.World to explore use cases of blockchain in various state run systems.

Various Indian states have, in the recent months, incorporated blockchain solutions in their governance in some form or another. The government of Telangana announced their collaboration with Tech Mahindra, to create India’s first blockchain district. The announcement was made at the Indian Blockchain Congress in Hyderabad this year. India also signed an MoU with BRICS members to explore blockchain technology further by conducting research on it.

BTC Wires had previously reported that Indian cities are turning to Lynked.World for help with incorporation of blockchain in their administration. West Bengal states of Durgapur and Bankura have already made the platform a part of their machinery. The technology is being used to verify legal documents, issue birth certificates and overall, maintain transparency and security of data.

It seems like Manipur is following in the footsteps of West Bengal and embracing this change. At the moment, various use cases of blockchain like general administration, medical record-keeping, education system, and digital identity cards are being looked into and considered.

The technology’s fundamental benefits are the security and immutability which it provides to data. It is efficient, safe and convenient to use and hence is being readily incorporated in many sectors across the world.

The Manipur government and Lynked.World collaboration is a welcome partnerhsip. It is being said that this new system will bring various government services right to the homes of the citizens, thereby making the process more convenient for them.

In healthcare, state hospitals can use the tech to digitize their patients’ records for safekeeping, schedule doctors’ appointments, and issue hospital reports and certificates that cannot be manipulated. In terms of education, state-run educational institutions are scheduled to digitize the admissions process and store marksheets of pupils on the blockchain, thereby making them tamper proof.

Daria Generalova, co-founder of ICOBox, which is the company helping Lynked.World launch their product in the market, said

“It is no secret that many of the world’s governments are not always user-friendly and easy to navigate for citizens. Sometimes, existing systems can be frustrating even for governmental employees, the very people who run them. Administrative complexity can quickly turn into a sort of mess, and where there’s mess there’s vulnerability and potential security breaches. Now, with Lynked.World’s platform, many of these issues can be successfully addressed, bringing peace of mind for both the users and the administrators. I sincerely hope that other countries will promptly follow suit.”