Indian Newborns To Be Issued Birth Certificate On Blockchain

BTC Wires: A number of Indian authorities recently turned to Lynked.World’s new platform in order to streamline the identification procedures of citizens. Based out of the Netherlands, the firm provides blockchain-based identity authentication solutions for the common masses, entrepreneurs, education officials, and governmental authorities.

Lynked.World is a crypto-technology company that uses its P2P network to facilitate the verification of private and professional data of its users. Users will be able to keep complete control over their virtual data; seamless ID information sharing with prospective employers and educational facilities will also be made possible. Once the platform’s data identification procedure has been dealt with, the info can be utilised through a secure QR code. The aim of the application is to provide people with complete ownership and control over their own ID info, and also be able to share authentic verified data with having to be actually present anywhere.

A number of governmental agencies in the country have addressed the need of such a platform, that will enable the country to better meet the citizens’ requirements, while also making sure that their identities are legal and authentic. The municipal corporations of the cities of Durgapur and Bankura, both in the state of West Bengal, have made the platform a part of their governmental machinery, enabling citizens to apply for valuable documents much more easily. With about 3.5 million residents, such a system is extremely valuable to the municipal corporation of Bankura.

Founder and CEO of the firm, Arun Kumar, explained that this new platform will make access to governmental processes much faster and relatively inexpensive, maintaining the thought that digital ID verification is the future of managing information. Citing Kumar,

“The only way a government agency can ensure they’re dealing with actual citizens with rights to access services is to have them right in front of them, with ID in hand. Our platform removes this obstacle, because it offers many layers of security to ensure the complete authenticity of digital identities, data, and documents.”

The service will be backed by the native LYNK token, with sales scheduled to be held from 15 Nov to 10 Feb next year. There are approximately 150,000,000 tokens available yet. Buyers opting for it with 15 Nov and 7 Dec will be afforded a 35% discount as well.