India is Offering most Crypto Based Jobs

Despite Delhi’s opinion or stance on the status of cryptocurrencies, India has been on top of the list offering most jobs based on blockchain development. Techies who have adept knowledge and expertise on this field have been able to land lucrative jobs thereby expanding the Crypto market in India. The recruiters from India have posted the most number of Crypto and Blockchain related fields in the APAC region, which has accounted to the fact that the future of digital money transaction shall be handed over to the crypto-based industries. The professional website LinkedIn, has disclosed that 1 out of every 10 blockchain related jobs that were posted in the website was from Indian recruiters which are definitely a significant number to read.

From 1% in 2015, 7% in 2016 and above 8% in 2017, the notable rise in Crypto based jobs has made a remarkably exponential increase. More and more candidates have been drawn towards working in the blockchain and cryptocurrency development section. A platform named Randstad has seen a rise of 50% jobs in the blockchain section and another job site has witnessed a rise of 270% in the same field. Various drives including environmental awareness campaigns have also contributed to the inspiring of aspiring engineers to take up the jobs of cryptocurrency development in India, anonymity also being a factor in that perspective.

Most of the workers in the Crypto based sections are freelancers who have been working in the research and development areas while a few others have joined MNCs to propagate the growth of blockchain based currencies in India. The centre has not yet declared cryptocurrency in India as fully operational but yet many people are seeing it as the future of all monetary transactions and that optimistic view has driven many youths into working in this specific field.

With the rise of the value and efficiency of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum etc., the rise of employment in crypto-based jobs will be a constant in the upcoming years.