India Is Home To Second Largest Pool Of Blockchain Developers

According to a recent market analysis carried out by Dappros, a London-based blockchain consulting firm, India is home to the second most number of blockchain developers in the world. India has nearly 19,627 developers and is second to only the United States with 44,979 blockchain developers as of October 24th 2018. The figure may be higher than the what is indicated by the data collected by Dappros, as their findings were mainly based on information from open sources such as LinkedIn. However, there may be instances where developers’ social media profiles could not be accessed.

It seems that India’s software developers are really keen on getting to know the ropes of blockchain technology, which is gaining more and more popularity day by day.

This means that India might have an advantage over other countries with regards to designing blockchain-based applications and operations. This incredible pool of resource in terms of the number of blockchain developers could be attributed to the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies and their usage across the world. Though, with the controversy regarding cryptocurrency and its subsequent regulation have reached a zenith, with many wondering if  India’s Purported Cryptocurrency Ban for Real it hasn’t been able to curb the enthusiasm of Indians, with regards to the use of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. Here are 8 Startups Leveraging Blockchain Technology in India.

Blockchain technology other than being used by crypto firms is also being used by database management firms, government programmes and by companies in the supply chain management.

The much-coveted blockchain developers are required to master some different programming languages, such as Python and C++.

The technology itself, apart from being used by cryptocurrency firms, finds use in multiple fields such as credible database management, government programmes and at several steps in the supply chain management.