IBM Blockchain Main-Net Goes Live in Melbourne

The IBM blockchain main net platform has finally gone live in Melbourne and currently hosted by the company’s cloud-based data centers. Anyone can use the platform given they abide by the data sovereignty prerequisite

A second data center is reported to be set up in Sydney by March end, and the main purpose for the second data center would be availability and redundancy

The head of the blockchain and consulting practice leader for IBM in Australia and New Zealand Rupert Colchester said,

“By its very nature, it’s a distributed ledger technology so often ledgers are running in different locations and the demand for two is through clients and customers in this geography wanting to have high availability in the event of downtime and the like,”

The Basics of the IBM Blockchain Platform

The leaders in computer technology have finally decided to go the Blockchain way, and its fundamentals are based on the open-source Hyperledger Fabric, a project by the Linux Foundation.

The data center is in Australia itself, which helps IBM to create a more secure platform in the country as the data never cross the border. This would encourage traditional sectors and even governments to have a sense of security while dealing on IBM’s platform.

The project manager believes that blockchain implementation in regular and traditional sector shows the sign of maturity and trust towards the technology. The most common use case of Blockchain technology in Australia is in the Supply chain business.

Rupert Colchester explains how IBM is aiming to revolutionize the most prominent sector in Australia, Supply-chain and Food Safety.

“Obviously Australia is unique, as is every country … in the case of Australia, the whole supply chain is a huge area of interest, discussion, and activity. How can one track food, right from its inception in a farm all the way through to retailers to prove the Providence,”

Why Australia?

The project head for the Blockchain platform believes that Australia serves as the perfect host for the launch of Blockchain projects. The country has a good grasp over the blockchain application and people in the industry knows which sectors need the blockchain solution. These reasons allow for quick creation of the blockchain platform in the country.             

 Rupert Colchester also points out that even though Australia has never been among the innovation index globally, however, the country has a very strong ecosystem of relationship, where people are ready to help each other.

The country is small enough to implement plants and make them work, but large enough to provide a constant source of revenue to the companies that are based here.

Rupert Colchester concluded that the launch of the Blockchain network in Australia is a very big investment by the company and the brand sees great potential in the market for Blockchain based solutions.