IBM And Hello Tractor Partner Up To Provide Blockchain Solutions In Agriculture

We have said time and again, blockchain in agriculture can bring a revolutionary mechanization in the sector which is the need of the hour. Proving this right, IBM and Hello Tractor have collaborated to offer innovative blockchain based solutions in the field of agriculture.

The current model of food production in Sub-Saharan Africa is such that, majority of the crops are managed manually while only a small portion is managed by machinery, including tractors. This is a wasteful model that is not sustainable for the long term since it will not be able to keep up with the rising demand for food.

To tackle this agricultural deficit, the startup Hello Tractor has been running on a blockchain network which will enable farmers to access tractor services on demand. The Hello Tractor mobile app can help farmers avoid the major post-harvest losses that they suffer annually because of poor planting practices. The app will collect tractor service requests and match the customer with recommended operators and tractors. Think of it as an Uber for tractors.

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So how exactly is IBM Research – Africa an appropriate collaboration for them?

Well, it is fairly simple. Hello Tractor partners with major companies like John Deere and tries to mechanize access in small farming villages. Few of the other services that the company aims to add includes operator and tractor scoring, predictive fleet utilization and maintenance, crop yield forecasting, and financing. This is where they could use  IBM Research – Africa’s help.

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Various services including blockchain, IBM cloud, the Watson Decision Platform for Agriculture, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are being integrated into the app by scientists in Kenyan and Nigerian labs working in tandem with Hello Tractor’s developers.

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The endgame here is to create a blockchain-enabled, agriculture digital wallet, and an AI-based decision support platform. It will be implemented in capturing, tracking, and instant sharing of data while also offering complete security and transparency in the system. The use of technology here plans to enhance and digitize the current agricultural sector.

Blockchain technology has once again proved its multifaceted usein every sector and how it has the potential to revolutionize and transform every sector.