IASG Fund Services

IASG Advisory Firm Launches IASG Fund Services

IASG or Institutional Advisory Services Group is an independent advisory firm specialised in alternative investments for the institutional and high net worth investors. The firm has recently launched a new fund services company known as IASG Fund Services (IASG-FS).

Incorporated in 2019, IASG Fund Services is aimed at offering fund services to investment managers. This new firm, majority owned by the JOnkheer family, has successfully partnered with a known operator in the fund administration business. With this operator’s unique Software as a Service (SaaS) platform known as Seamless Solutions, IASG Fund Services will sell fund administration services as well as products to the managers. Such services incorporate but are not limited to shadow accounting, back-office, cash management, investor services, document storage, cloud technology and cybersecurity.

The Executive Vice President of IASG and Principal of IASG-FS, JonPaul Jonkheer, says –

“We are excited about this opportunity to deliver this disruptive technology to the marketplace. This is pivotal time of accelerated change in middle and back-office solutions for investment managers. The game for everything getting done in the form of spreadsheets is over.”

He continues –

“We’ve spent considerable time reviewing technologies in this space and believe The Seamless Solutions product developed by Sudrania LLC is the most comprehensive solution.”

IASG has been serving commodity pool operators, commodity trading advisors and the investors in those vehicles since 1992. IASG began an alternative as a broker-dealer in 2015. With the formation of IASG-FS, Jonkheer, as well as his team, anticipates to deliver administrative solutions to not just CTAs and CPOs but also to hedge funds, real estate investment firms, private equity sponsors, family offices and mutual funds.

Jonkheer says –

“Being an allocator and a service provider to alternative managers for 25 years, we feel this is a natural progression. We already partner with managers to gain a better understanding of their system so that we may provide them with resources and knowledge of what it takes to gain visibility and credibility with investors. With IASG-FS, everything we do is about making fund managers run faster on better infrastructure with more informative analytics on the back end. This makes sense for IASG because we have deep seeded connections with fund managers already.”

IASG-FS will hold its offices in the historic CBOT (Chicago Board of Trade) building at 141 West Jackson in downtown Chicago, Illinois.