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Huge Demand for crypto based trade in the background of the pandemic

The need of the hour is to make sure that there is an ample need of trust in whatever venture that you are planning to undertake. Most of the world is devastated because of the huge pandemic that is happening around the world. This means that there is an urgent need for innovative ideas and techniques to ensure that basic necessities reach the people on time without any hassles. 

Why such dependence?

Now it is being said that the main cause for the virus to spread is via water droplets suspended in the air and the major source of those virus droplets to settle is via currency notes. That is one of the major reasons why many of the countries around the globe decided to ban the usage of their native currencies and other currencies until the spread of the virus is controlled. There are a lot of significant methodologies that many people around the world are using to suppress the pandemic.

With the usage of currency notes stopping, digital payments seems like the only way out to make sure that the people can buy the necessary items for their survival. With nearly more than half of the world going behind the concept of using digital payments, most of the digital payment gateways are not able to handle the traffic as it is something more than the usual that they are used to. 

Why blockchain?

That is where the need for Blockchain powered digital payment methodologies come into existence. There are a lot of definite things that one has to make sure before commissioning  a live digital payment gateway and that is what many of the crypto based companies are trying to establish to make sure that they are able to develop a rigid platform. 

Many of the companies that are existential are looking forward to developing their existential platforms and have been successfully implementing in ground zero areas like China and Japan where the popularity is high. The digital dollar is also on the horizon trying to make developments as well.

It seems like this very move from the cryptoworld is gaining a lot of attention. Recently the CEO of kraken made a statement that the market has huge activity going in the background amidst the crisis. 

So many of the companies have already started implementation and it is just about time to know whether there is a change involved over a period of time.