HTC Breaks Into The Virtual Cat Game Domain

BTC Wires: HTC, the famous brand of electronics well known for their smartphones, are doing something unique in the virtual cat game domain.

The company is all set to launch a new game called CryptoKitties which will be available in all HTC devices, beginning with the HTC U12 Plus. This game will allow the player to collect and even “sire” unique virtual cats. The game is completely based on blockchain technology.

For those not familiar with how blockchain works, one of the main assets of the technology is its transparency and open distributed ledger system which would make it clear as to who owns what. It is used in many sectors but in the case of this CryptoKitties game, it will help keep track of who owns which digital cat.

What’s interesting to note here is that this game which is based on blockchain is not being introduced in a “crypto” phone. Rather it is first being made available on the U12 Plus which is a product designed for the mass-market. This effectively means it is a commercial device which will not be restricted to a niche market.

HTC says that CryptoKitties is the first in a list of games that will be available on a broader app store and will run on the blockchain technology. Their aim is to build an ecosystem of games and apps that would use this technology.

The HTC Exodus, which is HTC’s prized device will arrive sometime in the third quarter for an alleged hefty sum of money. The sale date and price are yet to be revealed.

The Exodus phone will also contain a cold storage wallet which will allow users to store their cryptocurrency offline. This is an effective way to recover lost or corrupted keys which could lead to recovering huge sums of money which would otherwise be inaccessible.