How to Get Paid with Bitcoin Cash for Being a Bitcoin Bounty Hunter?

It’s been a while that Bounty Hunters are helping to bring criminals to the justice since the times of the Old West, and they are still needed for this job.

In case you wish to be a bounty hunter and get paid with digital currency, then you don’t need to sit on a fast horse with a revolver hanging on your waste. You simply need some useful information on some highly wanted hackers.

So, How Can You Be a Bitcoin Bounty Hunter?

In order to be a Bitcoin Bounty Hunter, you don’t need to go and join an institute and learn how to shoot with a gun or whatever. It is a service from which allows individuals to crowdsource payments anonymously for completing tasks.

The platform is offering several missions with an overall payout of over 750 BCH. Different from the other bounty programs which mostly or only focus on software bugs, this is a special service by which is open to all sorts of bounties, including those for catching cryptocurrency criminals. This way, a focus on cryptocurrency hackers, who usually cause lots of hurtings to the crypto ecosystem, has evolved naturally.

Among the crowdsourced bounties available on the platform, the individuals can be seen offering over 30 BCH to help catch the notorious Mt. Gox hacker, 100 BCH to help catch whosoever is responsible for the theft of a huge amount of BTC from Zhou Tong and Bitcoinica, over 200 BCH to find the identity of an extortionist and over 400 BCH for the entity who hacked into Satoshi Nakamoto’s email accounts.

If you too have been hurt by a hacker and want the public to track him down or just need a specific task completed from graphic designing to video editing, simply create a new listing at Bitcoin Bounty Hunter and name your price.