How Much Longer Do We Have To Wait To See Bitcoin Rise Like 2017

The 2017 price peak for Bitcoin brought its prices near $20k, which made every Bitcoin investor ecstatic about the digital assets and predicted the prices to double in 2018. However, all the price predictions came crashing down, as 2018 marked the longest crypto winter, which saw the bearish trends cut down the market capitalization of Bitcoin by more than 80 percent.

After experiencing one of the longest crypto winters in the decentralized space, the crypto community is gearing up for another bull run, which they hope would take the prices of Bitcoin again towards the highest price of $20,000. The bullish sentiments are higher this time around, since m0st of the investors who lost big bucks due to prolonged bearish trends, invested in Bitcoin after the price boom of late 2017, hoping that the prices would go even further up.

2018 bear run made the crypto trade market more mature and cut the price volatility by a significant margin. Due to the stability in the market, analysts were hoping that the bull run would take charge towards the end of 2019. However, the recent unprecedented price rally starting from April 2nd has made the crypto space bullish again. The recent surge got everyone by surprise as Bitcoin and majority of the altcoins made double-digit gains, breaking their upper key resistance level.

It is not like the market has not been bullish earlier, to be honest,  the crypto trade market has been bullish since the beginning of 2019, but whatever small gains they made, it was immediately neutralized by a market pullback.

Traditional Players Will Play a Bigger Part in The Next Bull Run

Digital assets were always seen with a skeptical eye by the traditional investors and financial institutions, however, the 2018 prolonged winter has helped to bring the two markets a little closer. Now, even the wall street investors are looking to expand their trading portfolio into cryptocurrencies.

Even the recent April price rally is believed to be helped by Future Bitcoin contracts trade on wall street. Apart from that major mainstream banks and financial institutions are looking to avail direct or indirect crypto services to their customers as the demands are quite high.

So whenever the next bull run takes charge or whether it has already begun, it will be far more mature and stable run than the heavily volatile price rise in 2017.