How Much Did Tim Draper Make In Bitcoin Investments In The Past 5 Years?

If you are a fellow cryptocurrency enthusiast, or someone who has any idea about the industry, then the name Tim Draper will be familiar to you.

A millionaire venture capitalist and a blockchain enthusiast, Draper has done his bit in ensuring that people are aware of what blockchain is and how it can contribute to a more forward thinking society.

Having a good knowledge about technology, innovation and especially cryptocurrency,  has facilitated Draper to make some extremely profitable investments in the past 5 years.

The popular VC Investor has recently come out in the open about how profitable the Bitcoin investment business has proved out to be in the last 5 years. Draper has claimed that he made $89.1 million from his Bitcoin investment in less than five years.

He outbid all participating investors by paying $632 per Bitcoin, with a slight premium. He outbid all other bidders at the auction and paid approximately $632 per Bitcoin, and additionally a slight premium.

Those Bitcoins are worth $108 million in today’s time, demonstrating how far Draper has come in terms of the $18.96 that he had invested on the Bitcoins back then.

Although 2018 was a bittersweet month for 2018, Draper never stopped believing in the potential of cryotocurrencies and blockchain.

Draper has been greatly optimistic about the future and potential of Bitcoin to break all the barriers that stand between people. He recently said in an interview That The Bitcoin Revolution Is “Only Just Beginning.

Now while we are not sure whether Bitcoin will the next big revolution in the world, we can still guarantee that it will be around for a while.