Online Gaming Industry

How Is Blockchain Contributing to the Growth of Online Gaming Industry?

That’s true! The online gaming industry is all ready to undergo some new transitions in how the transactions are made, and how the power players have over their currencies in the game. The sudden fundraise in blockchain technology offers the gaming industry some possible solutions as it will provide a decentralised and a more transparent way for gamers to indulge with online games and in-game assets.

Blockchain, in the future, will entirely change the face of the online gaming industry. With the introduction of new decentralised apps, or dApps that use blockchain in gaming, a lot of game developers have begun adoption blockchain.

Enjin Coin is what takes the ownership of blockchain-based gaming a step ahead. It develops and directly manages on the Ethereum blockchain digital gaming assets. Enjin Coin approximately has a 19 million-user network. Gaming communities can create items, currencies, and even attributes supported by Enjin Coin’s parent. Also, it incorporates a Smart Wallet allowing gamers to hold as well as trade their digital assets across multiple platforms.

Games like Forest Knight and War of Crypto are some of the best-used cases of Enjin Coin ecosystem. For growing their online games, they use the Enjin Unity, smart wallet, and its network.

Trading digital items of in-game assets to be an industry almost worth $50 bln. Most of the developers usually offer an opportunity to the gamer for buying these assets — the pay-to-win gaming community transaction work as a channel of revenue for the developers. Still, there aren’t adequately robust payment systems in place. The blockchain has been set up to solve such issues. Several Enjin Coin gaming projects are creating a completely new economy in the game.

In addition to the Void, another game that offers its very own token, Nexium, likewise utilised its token to fund development, enabling anyone outside the game to buy game items as well as currency. It would now be able to be traded across the Ethereum blockchain by the Nexium token holders.

CryptoFights is one more delineation where gamers with the upheld Enjin Savvy wallet can send in-game items to some other ETH user. This smart wallet gives customised security features and experience. Be it its size or value; the gaming industry continues to grow.