How Blockchain Startups can Incorporate Decentralization at Interpersonal Level to Flourish

Blockchain as technology has taken everyone by surprise, the progress it has made, and the potential it holds are much more significant than we have achieved currently. The central aspect of the technology is decentralization and eliminating the middlemen. However, it is quite contradictory when it comes to its implementation in the real world and at interpersonal levels. Majority of the brands and companies incorporating blockchain technology are still following the old-age norms of the centralized form of working or traditional corporate culture.

Decentralization when implemented correctly, rewards everyone according to the work they have put in. We as a society need to apply it in our work ethics as well. The decentralized form should not be incorporated into the technology we have built, but also in the roles we hold. The real victory for any technology is when it is able to transfer the system of working to the people who built it.

It is very common to see the new blockchain based technologies coming up, but the sad part is they still follow the age-old norms of the hierarchical system. One cannot directly put their proposal in front. Instead, one needs to pass a certain level of the class-based system to convey the approach to the right set of people, and when those people find it fit, they may or may not put it forward according to their reasoning.

New blockchain startups must stop running behind the titles and names. The CEO tag behind your name is only valuable if your brand has the potential to gain the attention of more than a few peers. The old-age corporate system kills the creativity and infuses a mentality of greediness. That means in the old-age system, someone with a great idea would only be willing to put it forward if they see a benefit for themselves at an individual level.

Imagine a workplace where your ideas and insights are only judged on the potential of it and not necessarily your position in the company. It’s easier said than done, but that is the whole point of blockchain technology, the current ledger system is not problematic to the level where we must look for alternatives, but when alternate choices are better than the current system, why not get involved in it as early as possible.

The idea of holding a ‘pseudo-name-tag’ behind your name won’t hold for long if your work ethics are not strong. A workplace where everyone contributes and feed off each other’s ideas and strength will encourage the people to be more productive than a role-defined job. A decision-making system based on the fundamentals of decentralization would lead to a boosted morale, feeling of inclusion and higher potential.