Hostile Chinese Firewall not stopping Ethereum developers!

There are a lot of countries that are excited about the pace of the blockchain industry. There are many countries that are pushing the boundaries to make sure that they stay on par in the competition. Then there is China excluding themselves from all of the so-called competition and establishing a blockchain base of their own.

There are a lot of development and innovations from China that baffle us to date and probably one that tops the list is the Chinese Firewall. A firewall so practical and difficult to code into, it has been one of the astounding features that make them unique.

The wall:

The Firewall in action allows no unauthorized user to beam into the digital space of China. We all know the strict implications that are inflicted upon the people of China in terms of usage of data and the amount of information they are given access to. But the real problem arises when the similar restrictions are inflicted upon companies and tech giants who rely on data and network firewall permissions to run their business.

This very feature of the Chinese digital space makes it a hindrance for many of the blockchain companies as they cannot access the Chinese network beyond the wall. 

But to the delight, there is one company that got through the squiggle and that is none other than Ethereum itself. The implementation of the Chinese firewall has severely been affecting the operational efforts proceeded by many crypto companies but somehow Ethereum has managed to make the cut. 

The Ethereum community seems to be an enthralling one with more than a thousand active users on their platform and active participation in development activities. The developers in the community term the source of the Ethereum stand base to be sturdy and solid. They say that with a robust infrastructure to support the digital realm of the Blockchain space, it is no wonder that the company is flourishing in the space.

Not the usual friendly skies!

Ethereum being an open-source protocol did not have much of a chance in establishing themselves in the Chinese market, however, the drastic turn of events does not support that.

Many applications and social media like Facebook and Instagram are banned in the digital space of the Chinese and even if one were to access such credits, they would have to get the job done by using VPN’s which is a pretty common way on how you see Chinese content on those streams.