Bitcoin millionaire

Hong-Kong Based Bitcoin Investor Airdrops Millions in Cash Amidst Crypto Market Slump

Airdrops of tokens may be nothing new in the crypto world, but they become something of a legend when a Bitcoin millionaire decides to airdrop millions of dollars in the real world. 24 year old, Hong Kong-based Bitcoin investor, Wong Chong Kit, who had amassed millions of dollars through investments in Bitcoin, decided to do just the same!

Many early-stage Bitcoin investors became millionaires; especially those who held onto their Bitcoin investments until it reached the all-time high of USD 19,500 at the end of the year 2017 have. Kit may be one of those lucky few who were able to cash in massive profits.

Kit gave away over 13 million Hong Kong dollars this week to random strangers by airdropping the money from his rooftop. This public airdrop comes amidst the slump in the prices of the world’s pioneering cryptocurrency. During the event, Kit made some serious claims and said that ‘he is a God’ and that he feels that it is his right to teach the world about Bitcoin. Unfortunately, the event did not go as planned by Kit as he was later arrested by the police when heading back home in his Lamborghini for ‘causing public disorder.’

With the unfolding of these events, what puzzles people is Kit’s motive behind giving away all this money for free. While some would argue that the young millionaire may be raging narcissist who acted on a whim, there are others who would argue that with the free show of his wealth, he was trying to show people how investment in Bitcoin is always a good idea to make lots of money.

Since the airdrop, Twitter has been abuzz with images of the millionaire dropping stashes of Hong Kong dollars from the sky, with many wishing they were a part of the cash airdrop as such instances are hard to come by.

Even though giving back money could be considered a noble gesture; however, there will always detractors. Bitcoin followers would have advised Kit to have instead invested the money back into crypto markets to keep the prices afloat.