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Happy Days Are Here As Bitcoin Soars On The Graphs

BTC Wires: The month of July has indeed been a bringer of hope and prosperity for the crypto community, especially for the Bitcoin bulls. Soaring to the surprise of even crypto and blockchain experts, bitcoin has risen above the $8,000 mark this week, after almost 60 days since its last breakthrough ascend.

The last time when the Bitcoin community experienced such a rise was way back in the third quarter of May, this year. Having escalated towards this accomplishment in just two hours last Wednesday, Bitcoin has let out a proud roar about its faithful community that keeps it strong. As per reports based on analytics, this rise is Bitcoin’s best leap since May 24, after which it had only been deteriorating to this year’s lowest figures: $5,785.

Bitcoin believers are rejoicing at the fact that while other alt coins are struggling to stick around, bitcoin is holding on strong and is gradually growing too. Following the snowballing that began around July 16 and which culminated to its full swing by July 17, Bitcoin has remained strong in this intra species feud. At present, Bitcoin is trading around $8,009 to press time up by 3.9%. The prima donna of crypto clinched over $200 in just about 90 minutes, earlier today, to station its standing at $7,991. It further went beyond the fantastic $8,000 mark to soar at a peaking score of $8,031.

According to data derived from CoinMarketCap, this ascension of Bitcoin has respectively elevated Bitcoin’s monthly gains at 3.8 or 34%. A rise of this sort is likely to invoke the confidence of investors in the world’s first cryptocurrency, especially after all the ordeals that Bitcoin has recently been caught up in. Additionally, it is interesting to note that Bitcoin is the only crypto among the list of top 10 cryptos that saw any good fortune since yesterday. We’re guessing that bitcoin enthusiasts will keep their faith strong and fingers crossed, and wish for Bitcoin to rise higher in the coming days.