Hamas Assumes New Way To Avoid Detection While Receiving Bitcoin From Donors

Earlier, we have covered in detail how Hamas has been attempting to raise funds and donations in the form of Bitcoins. Now, in their attempts to get their hands on some alternative sources of funding other than the money they receive from their usual routes, Hamas has decided to make use of a new mechanism for payment receipts, a way that helps them avoid detection more effectively.

The members of this organisation have now decided to switch to a system whereby a new Bitcoin wallet ID is generated each and every time a new donor decides to make a donation to them. So earlier, what happened was that all donors would be required to send in the funds they wished to donate to a single

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Hamas, the group that is basically the ruling authority of Palestine’s war-torn Gaza Strip in all but name, is seen as a political party by some and a terrorist organization by many others, including influential world powers such as the United States and the European Union. However, countries such as the Russian Federation, People’s Republic of China and Turkey do not consider the group to be terrorists.

Earlier this year, Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, bad decided to freeze off aid from Qatar, amounting to millions of dollars. As this included 15 million US Dollars a month for paying salaries to civil servants under the Hamas regime, Hamas was forced to ask for Bitcoin donations from people back in February.

However, this attempt to gain funds through donation has hit a roadblock in the face of concerted intelligence efforts expended by the governments of the United States and Israel. Given that Hamas usually broadcasts its request for Bitcoins, it is hard to avoid detection. A research firm called Elliptic has estimated that Bitcoins worth about 3,300 dollars were sent to the wallets created by Hamas. Hamas has finally decided to take a baby step towards not being detected as money flows into their coffers from generous supporters.