Hacktivist collective Anonymous takes goal at Elon Musk. Who cares?

The cooperative’s power has been fading in the new Year, showing more bark than bite.
It is the classic Anonymous modus operandi: a monologue well-intentioned of a supervillain, an apparent attack on an individual right or public good, approximately guy in a Guy Fawkes mask, & an entire ration of fizzbang-wowie video belongings & voice distortion.
But as the hacktivist collective takes goal at a novel target in Elon Musk, the newest “expect us” threat stimuli the question: who cares?
Yesterday, a video supposedly from the Anonymous collective cautioned that there is today a joint intelligence working contrary to him:
The monologue was twisting, noting that “your fanboys supervise these issues because they are absorbed on the possible good that your projects can bring to the world,” aiming Musk’s contextual as the heir to a South African mining company, & reproachful him of trying to “make a Bitcoin Mining Council was correctly seen as an attempt to centralize the industry & take it under your switch.”
What attracted the ire of this specific group, however, is that lesser fry investors may have been damagingly wedged by Musk’s recent Twitter shenanigans.
‘Reading from the commentaries on your Twitter posts, it appears that the games you have played with the crypto markets have demolished lives. Millions of retail investors were counting on their crypto gains to recover their lives,” the masked man grumbles.
Anonymous is barely the only party to have taken subject with Musk’s cynical Tweeting as of late, but it is indistinct if they can do something about it.
The group’s power appears to have waned in new Year. Their peak arguably came during Project Chanology, an exertion aimed at delegitimizing & humiliating the influence of the Church of Scientology. They disapproved websites, published secret information, & even directed a near-naked man covered in pubic hair & vaseline to trash a Church site. Bless you, Agent Pubit.

In new years, their achievements have been fewer while their intimidations have been numerous. Recent boards include the government of Nigeria, the Minneapolis police department, & the custodial system of Thailand. In all examples, it’s unclear what, if any, battles they achieved to win.
The efficacy or legitimacy of Anonymous’s labors is almost immaterial, however. Anonymous & blockchain ideology are two meetings, but eventually, distinct intellectual movements, & events like this video highlight the differences between the 2.
BTC was originated by a pseudonymous individual or collective called Satoshi Nakamoto. Satoshi chose to stage away from his creation, freeing the technology of statements like Anonymous’. BTC does not want anyone’s help; it’s a stylishly designed network that will all but certainly outlast Elon Musk, & it might even outlast all memory of his attainments.
This is how cypherpunks contest: with code, not cosplay. Anonymous, deferentially, we are good.