Hacked Cryptopia

Hacked Cryptopia Opens Its Doors Again, Launches “Read Only” Site

Went offline on January 15, the hacked crypto startup Cryptopia’s bad days seem to be coming to an end. At long, long last, Cryptopia revealed that it has reopened its doors, in some capacity.

The New Zealand-headquartered exchange gave an estimate of the stolen crypto a week ago.

As per the recent update from the exchange, who has presumably got clearance from the Christchurch authorities as well as other officials to restart its platform, a “read-only” version of the site is now live. This read-only version of the site have trading, deposits, and withdrawals disabled, and will only show the balances dated to January 14th.

With this version of the site, Cryptopia intends to allow its users to reset passwords and their two-factor authentication credentials.

However, the company did not divulge when exactly it would completely reopen its services, but it did confirm that 24% of all the wallets have been transitioned to new servers.

The Lost Crypto

As previously reported by BTC Wires, the company divulged that a worst case 9.4% of its total holdings were stolen in the security breach. Interestingly, the exact dollar value of the cryptocurrency funds was not divulged at all.

According to the previous reports, a New York-headquartered boutique, Elementus, compiled an in-depth report on the matter that highlighted the severity of the attack. The company’s researchers concluded saying –

“Over $16 million worth of Ethereum and ERC20 tokens were stolen by the attackers. $3.57 million of the sum was in ETH, $2.446 million in Dentacoin, $1.948 million in Oyster Pearl, and the list goes on. Other prominent snatched tokens include TrueUSD, Sirin Labs, OmiseGO, ZRX, and Augur’s REP.”

Just a few days after Elementus released its report, the New Zealand-based exchange was hit again. According to a follow-up from the chief executive of the research boutique, Max Galka, 17,000 Cryptopia wallets saw 1,675 Ether leaving their care.

As to what’s coming for the unfortunate victims to this debacle, Cryptopia stated that it’s currently finalizing a “rebate process for affected users.” Will the affected get reimbursed?