Custom Mobile Apps on Blockchain

GRABITY Sets Out to Build Custom Mobile Apps on Blockchain Main Nets

Mobile technology has always been one of the most significant driving forces of innovation across the world in the past decades. Blockchain is more recent but has made a famous mark on several industries.

Thus, if combined optimally, the two technologies offer immense potential.

Mobile Blockchain

There have been some difficulties for end-users for building custom mobile applications on blockchain main nets. That’s precisely what GRABITY set out to solve. The project’s initial goal was to provide a platform that will remove the hassle of executing mobile blockchain applications for any sort of business use case.

Whether the aim is to be able to keep track of stock or monitor a production process in retail and ecommerce, being able to employ the blockchain technology on mobile would bring the security with the versatility of blockchain technology to a more accessible form-factor. This would help to remove the technical as well as financial barriers that many firms face while trying to bring the benefits of blockchain for improving their business models.

Future Prospects

The company also improved on its standard systems by using a distributed storage technology that keeps smart contracts as well as resource files in separate, insulated nodes for ensuring security. At the time it is needed, all the data can be recalled by using the network’s defrag function.

Besides their innovative technology and TV fame, another thing about the GRABITY team is the reverberating success which they recorded in their fund-raising efforts. The time when the market seems to be cooling down on cryptocurrency enthusiasm, the team was capable of selling out their tokens in just 10 rounds of IEO sales.

To achieve the same, GRABITY is actively extolling app makers to port their applications onto the blockchain and convert them into state-of-the-art dApps by using their software development kit. The process is intuitive and secure by utilising their simple UI/UX, so businesses will be able to reap the benefits of blockchain with nominal investment.