GPU Miners Looking To Make Money With Unused Mining Hardware

The bear market hasn’t been kind on anyone, and especially not on GPU-based cryptocurrency miners. They have been having a hard time making any profits ever since the market crashed in 2018.

It however looks like there is still some hope left for them to make money out of the hardware that they have. It is now being reported that users with spare GPUs may soon be able to make good use of their ineffective mining hardware in another profitable manner. They can rent rendering power to those looking to experience quality PC gaming on an underpowered computer.

Some devices that are not suitable for gaming can easily turn into gaming devices with the extra power that the mining rig will lend to it. Vectordash for example is open to the possibility of people with underpowered rigs not meant for gaming, to experience high powered PC gaming by renting spare power for cloud rendering.

What this can essentially do is give an user a 4K resolution and 60 frames-per-second gaming experience even on their Macbook. The only requirement is that their internet bandwidth should be capable of handling that amount of data.

Cloud rendering as a service is slowly gaining prominence after Sony launched a cloud rendering service in PlayStation Now years ago. It wasn’t really popular at the time, but all these years later people are once again exploring that service.

In gaming, cloud rendering is a definitive option, that needs to be made more popular and accessible to people. These services are usually not too expensive either. For example, Vectordash’s service will cost users $28 per month for cloud rendering capabilities. However, GPU renters stand to make only about $0.60 per day, which to be honest is not a lot of money.

Considering GPU mining is not at all profitable at the moment, Vectordash is offering payments for renters that are competitively priced with cryptocurrency mining return. This should encourage more people to take part in this service.