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GoT’s Bronn To Venture Into Crypto Project VeganNation

Not to give out spoilers or anything about HBO’s Game of Thrones, but here is a piece of news, that might excite crypto enthusiasts who are also GoT fans. The actor who played one of the more Machiavellian characters in the HBO series is slated to join the advisory board of a vegan lifestyle oriented cryptocurrency.

As per recently published reports, Jerome Flynn, the actor that portrayed “Bronn,” on the multimillion-dollar franchise, is joining an Israel-based cryptocurrency project called VeganNation. The project is planning to offer its very own cryptocurrency token called VeganCoin.
This seems like an appropriate task for Bronn as he in the season finale, earlier this week, was appointed as the Master of Coin to Bran the Broken. Reports also indicate that Flynn has been a vegetarian for the last 35 years and is an animal rights activist. He is also a patron of the UK’s Vegetarian Society.

VeganNation is aiming to build an ecosystem that will be supportive of vegans via a “100 percent cruelty-free” platform in order to exchange products and services. Now, you might have questions as to what money has to do with veganism. But the vegans here might have a point. It was found out in 2016, that the new £5 note in the UK had been produced using animal fat.

That being said, it may be possible that given the fact that computing equipment will be necessary to deliver this ecosystem it won’t ever be truly cruelty-free. As per a report by The Guardian, an investigation led by Amnesty International found children as young as seven working in mines which are responsible for the mining of precious metals used in electronics. This prompts critics to believe that VeganNation might be making promises that they might not be able to keep up with, but it indeed promises to be an interesting time for Bronn, if this project sees success.