Google Play and iOS Stores Started to Approve Kik’s Crypto Apps

Google Play Store and iOS store has started to approve the mobile apps which are built around the cryptocurrency kin. Till now ten apps are already out, and more than thirty apps are expected to debut in the coming weeks. The apps which are currently live on Google Play are

  • Reveald – Dating
  • Kinguist – Language learning
  • Nearby – Networking
  • – Social goals
  • AddMe – Business networking
  • Find – Travel networking
  • Vent – Mental health
  • Kinny – Social tipping

Apps which are available on iOS Store are

  • Blastchat – Instant messaging
  • Pause For – Productivity

With the help of all these apps, users can earn and spend the cryptocurrency Kin in a straightforward way.

Kin is a cryptocurrency which is created by Canadian messaging app Kik. In 2017, Kik raised $98 million via an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to help the Kin project. The ICO is considered as the biggest ICO of the year. In summers this year, the company announced that it is building apps which are designed to enable the users to use and earn tokens. The project manager of Kin, Ayelet Laub said that

“We’re trying to build an ecosystem where you can earn kin in one application and spend it in another.”

Most of the apps which Kik is launching fall in the classic categories with which most of the smartphone users are familiar. Though the apps have the advantage of familiarity but they also carry the disadvantage of competition by big incumbents. The new Kin apps will directly pay its users for their participation means users are incentivized to use the apps.

The founder of Kik, Ted Livingston said that he wants Kin to become the most used digital asset on the earth where it is easy for the users to earn and spend the cryptocurrency. Ted believes that if the users are allowed to spend a very small amount of money online then many more people will involve and they will collectively spend much more money overall.

The cryptocurrency Kin was created for Ethereum, but it has ported most of its functionality over to a fork of the stellar blockchain. The main reason behind the hard fork was that Kik wanted to process loads of transactions for free so that Kin could run in lots of mobile applications at once.