Google Entering the Blockchain-as-a-Service Sector Soon

Google is partnering with a firm which has a Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) platform as one its offerings for enterprises availing of them. The firm is called BlockApps and one of its other offerings is the STRATO platform. With this partnership, Google is dipping its toes in waters it hasn’t in before and could soon be working on developing a BaaS platform of its own. With such a move, Google will be joining the ranks of giants such as Microsoft, IBM and Amazon which already have a presence in the sector with their own BaaS solution.

Google has always been very enthusiastic about investing in blockchain. According to the CB Insights, only the Japanese SBI Holdings have been able to beat the prolificacy of Google’s blockchain investments. The firm has been active in the sphere of blockchain investments for the last six years, since 2012. The recent days have seen the giant establish ties with quite a few collaborators. Some of these partnerships are aimed at helping the firm apply the distributed ledger technology or DLT over the Google Cloud Platform or GCP in short.

Google Cloud’s Financial Services Head Leonard Law remarked that the digital ledger technology has immense potential to serve users beyond the ambit of just financial services, into other kinds of sectors as well. He expressed excitement at the decision to bring the developer tools to the GCP.

The STRATO platform of the BlockApps company is meant for enterprises that would need to test ways to apply blockchain for various needs it might have as a business. Kieren James-Lubin, the CEO of BlockApps, remarked that they are extremely excited to be able to integrate their own platform with that of Google Cloud services. With this, he said, they are looking forward to supporting users of the GCP, both old and fresh, while the search for better and more effective blockchain solutions continues.

Users can easily test out whether or not the Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum protocols have been correctly integrated on the GCP marketplace itself. This would naturally give them greater ease in using the developer tools provided and give the Google Cloud Platform an edge it did not have before. This clearly reinforces Google’s position on the blockchain map as an investor to reckon as this BaaS platform is to be launched soon.