Google Data: Bitcoin Searched 10 Times More Than ‘Blockchain’ & ‘Cryptocurrency’

Google Search data for 2018 shows the popularity of Bitcoin is still higher than the underlying Blockchain technology. People have searched for ‘Bitcoin’ 10 times more than ‘Blockchain’ and ‘cryptocurrency’

Google search popularity is measured on a scale of 0-100, and the search for ‘cryptocurrency’ has reduced from 100 in December 2017 to less than 10 at the end of 2018. Countries such as Singapore, Slovenia, Australia, Cyprus, South Africa, Ghana, United Arab Emirates, St. Helena, Ireland, and Nigeria have a greater interest in cryptocurrency search.

When we talk about the word ‘blockchain’, countries like Malta, China, Singapore, Ghana, Switzerland, Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, and many others have shown greater interest in searching blockchain than the other two popular terms in consideration.

The Search Trend suggests Blockchain is Finally Getting More Popular Than Cryptocurrency

Another data analysis suggests that after the 2017 hype of cryptocurrency, blockchain term finally gained a larger search base and overtook ‘cryptocurrency’ in July 2018 marginally. From mid-September, blockchain maintained an upper hand throughout the rest of the year.

For the record, before to 2017’s crypto-hype train, the information shows searches for the terms ‘cryptocurrency’ and ‘blockchain’ have remained comparatively tighten in recognition over the past 5 years – with the difference of a few irregularities.

Finally the meme for the crypto enthusiast, “I am in it for technology” seems to be not that far off, if we look at the Google data sheets.

Bitcoin Meme

The trends of 2018 combined with the wider acceptance Blockchain (the technology) is gaining can be the biggest takeaway for crypto enthusiast entering New Year.

Investors and Banking experts like JP Morgan have been emphasizing on this point for quite long now, cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin, the by-product of the technology might change or vanish over time, but the main focus should always be on making the core technology better. Since Blockchain implementation can solve many problems of present institutions, so people should not blindly run behind the momentary gains.

Final Thoughts

The price debacle of 2018 might have led many small investors and enthusiasts to take a break, but the acceptance of the Blockchain technology is a big boost for the developer community as well as people in general. The Google Search Data is only re-confirming the trends and establishing the fact that, Bitcoin might still be very popular, however people are showing more interest in blockchain technology.