Google Adds Bitcoin logo to its Keyboard

Bitcoin finally broke out of its 6-month long bearish phase and saw an upward movement taking its prices near $4k in a long time. Many were relieved to finally see an end to one of the longest crypto winters for Bitcoin. The happiness of crypto enthusiasts was doubled when someone discovered that if you press the ‘$’ sign long enough on the Google keyboard, the Bitcoin logo pops up.

The news created quite a buzz in the social media circuits and especially on Reddit and Twitter. Now the crypto community especially the Bitcoiners had another reason to rejoice after an end to the longest bearish crypto market trends in the history.

Many crypto enthusiasts believed that the addition of Bitcoin logo is a clear indicator of who the real boss is and even the biggest tech giants are agreeing with the Bitcoin vision. The debate over the acceptance of Bitcoin and crypto, in general, is still raging on, but the sentiment towards Bitcoin seems to be changing.

Apart from Google adding Bitcoin logo, one of the biggest critiques of Bitcoin, JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon recently announced that they would be launching their own stable coin. Mind you JP Morgan is the one who believed Bitcoin is a bubble and crypto space is waiting to get burst. So, the announcement made JP Morgan the butt of most of the memes in the crypto space.

Crypto Memes Followed After Google Addition

Memes have become a sentiment over the internet, and how can an event which has both Bitcoin and Google in consideration can go unnoticed. Among the numerous memes, one that has been trending is in regards to Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum. Although it’s fake but totally funny if you are in the crypto game for long enough.

bitcoin meme

source: Reddit

For an outsider the addition of a mere logo might not be a big news, but a crypto enthusiast would tell you how significant the event is, not only because crypto trade market is governed by PR buzz and news headlines, but also because some of the biggest critiques are coming around to accept Bitcoin and Satoshi’s vision of a decentralized future.

Final Thoughts

Bitcoin is just a decade old and it’s already challenging the traditional centralized systems which have been running for centuries. Not only that it has been successful to quite an extent, the non-believers might turn away but look at the ever-increasing number of vendors accepting bitcoin and various governments looking to make crypto a regulated entity, it’s safe to say Bitcoin is the future.