GiveTrack 1.0 Launched On Mainnet To Facilitate Bitcoin Donations

The Bitcoin donation platform GiveTrack has finally been launched on the BitGive mainnet. While the beta version of this platform had been launched last year itself, its mainnet edition, GiveTrack 1.0 was recently made available to the public. This platform aims at making the process of donation more transparent. As donors put forward their contributions in the form of Bitcoins, they can easily monitor how their contributed funds are being utilized in achieving the objective they contributed towards. This helps prevent unscrupulous officials from misappropriating funds meant for good causes.

The launch of this brand new version of the platform was announced at a Chile Crypto Blockchain summit called the Latin American Bitcoin and Blockchain Conference. The 1.0 version represents an upgrade from what it was during its beta stage. It has a more refined technology driving its core. Moreover, the upgrade makes it possible to integrate both donors as well as non-profit charitable organizations the donations are meant for.

A first-of-its-kind project that gives shape to the blockchain use case charity, BitGive has a solid track record of acing charitable projects such as the Maternal and Neonatal India Program, the Chandolo Primary School Water Project and more. Reportedly, the executive director and founder of the platform’s parent company BitGive, Connie Gallippi said:

“We are very excited to launch GiveTrack 1.0 after many months of hard work from our team. It is an honor to launch with four amazing NGO partners who are doing important work around the world, and a pleasure to have this occasion at the Latin American Bitcoin Conference where we have always received a tremendous amount of support,”

The company has some more charitable projects up its sleeve. It also announced its plans to host a Global Bitcoin Fundraiser soon. The contributions will go to the first group of charity organizations that are onboarded for this platform. These include Code To Inspire from Afghanistan, America Solidaria, Run for Waterate, Desafío Levantemos Chile etc. The company is also conducting a #Give1BTC campaign to assist non profits. Clearly blockchain technology is now scaling new walls with charity initiatives.