Getting Started With LiveTrades

LiveTrades is an award-winning trading service with its head office based in Reykjavik, Iceland. It brings together clients, traders, and reputed brokers worldwide to offer a productive platform that helps in financial and investment decisions in the best way possible. LiveTrades is focused on providing a trusted infrastructure and absolute transparency to its clients. They feature advanced liquidity and a Technology partner system that provides high-level transparency with all trading data of their clients.

Besides, their trading service uses high-authority licensed banks to keep an eagle eye and ensure the security of all financial transactions. LiveTrades follow strict protocols and provide 24/7 online and call support to their clients. Here is a detailed review article containing everything you need to know about packed in the box.

Getting Started With LiveTraders

Getting started with their trading service is made really easy. All you need to do is take care of the basics to start your journey with livetrades. So, before we jump into more detail, let’s check out the first little steps in getting started.

  • Open your account on It takes a few minutes to get done with the initial steps.
  • Get your KYC done in just 5 minutes. Submit the essential documents as asked during the account creation process.
  • Choose the traders you want to trade. You can also choose the mixed option just in case you are unsure which one to go with.
  • Deposit your funds into the brokerage account. You can start with a minimum amount of 1000 euro.
  • Once you are done with the above steps, your account will be eligible to make its first trade within 24 hours.
  • Analyze, traders, and systems trades in the market.
  • Effortlessly withdraw your profits from your account over time to time.

LiveTrades Accounts and Subscription Plans

LiveTrades features three types of accounts along with a Self-Trading Only subscription plan. Their subscription plans vary on multiple criteria to meet the satisfaction level of their diverse client base. Here is detailed information about the various subscription plans offered by LiveTrades.

Self-Trading Only Account

This subscription plan comes for a free monthly subscription. Since it is self-directed trading only account, the complete profit you earn will totally be yours. It is a non-upgrading plan that has no access to the trading systems offered by LiveTrades. It requires a minimum balance of 500 euros and has no deposit fee.

Basic Subscription Account

The Basic plan comes for a monthly subscription of 99.95 euros (paid after trading starts). It has no deposit fee. However, it charges 25 euros as a withdrawal fee. The minimum balance required is 1000 euros, and the profit is shared 50/ 50 between the clients and the traders. This subscription plan provides access to most of the trading systems offered by the platform.

PRO Trader Account

The Pro trader account comes with a minimum balance requirement of 3000 euros. It is free of any monthly subscriptions, although there is 25% profit sharing with the trader. It provides all trading systems available and has no deposit or withdrawal fee.

VIP Trader Account

This is specifically for the VIP clients that require huge investments. It offers free monthly subscriptions but with a minimum balance requirement of 25,000 euros. Clients get access to all trading systems, and there are no additional charges for withdrawal. It offers a profit-sharing ratio of 90/ 10 between the client and the trader.

How do Live Trades Work

LiveTrades allows master traders and other computerized strategies to deal with all types of trading, depending on the market status. In general, trades can start at any moment, and in the case of Crypto trading, it is open 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The traders use your funds efficiently on trades according to the market volatility. Once a trade is complete, the balance will be compounded to your account automatically, along with the shared profits.

LiveTrades focuses on providing an effortless and efficient way of trading. It simplifies the ecosystem for an easier approach for the clients. They accept multiple payment methods, including credit/ debit cards, third-party wallets, and even bitcoins, bitcoins cash, and other cryptocurrencies. LiveTrades, trades client’s accounts in USD/ USDT currencies. Besides, they also have a referral program that allows you to earn attractive commissions apart from your trading profits. However, there are also possibilities to sustain losses, and in some cases, the losses might surpass the initial investment. Therefore, make sure you have all the knowledge related to investment and finances and not invest an amount you cannot afford to lose.