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Future of ICO Advertising

Because of the high volatility and the unregulated nature of the cryptocurrencies, the governments and many organisations are in a move of banning them. Not just this, even the big tech firms are taking a step back in crypto advertising. Such a ban will have a widespread effect which would severely hinder the future development of the crypto industry.

Google and Facebook have Banned ICO Advertisements

Some of the largest advertisement platform on the internet today, facebook, twitter, and YouTube, have already banned the advertisements which promotes cryptos and ICOs.

As of June, even Google will be banning the advertisement of crypto – including ICOs, wallets, and exchanges, etc.

There has been a lot of discussion over why this has happened. Some speculate that it is merely an attempt made to protect their users (and their reputation) from the fraud ICOs and token scams and Ponzi schemes, while others have also suggested that these websites would be threatened by the increasing popularity of blockchain technology.

But regardless of the reasons behind these bans, one thing is becoming clear – ICO marketing has become increasingly difficult.

Keeping aside the reasons for these bans, one thing is crystal clear – ICO marketing has become increasingly difficult.

New Ways to Gain Exposure

Some of the most effective ways of promoting ICOs are;

  • Ordering press releases and getting them published on popular websites that are frequented by crypto enthusiasts.
  • Joining in discussions on popular social media websites – such as Facebook groups, Reddit, Telegram, Quora, LinkedIn groups, and specialized forums.
  • Going on a roadshow and speaking at conferences to elicit interest, growing a brand and being exposed to potential investors.

Decentralised platforms, a Powerful Channel to Promote ICOs

One upcoming blockchain platform, known as 2Key, will be introducing a brand-new model that rewards the users for sharing valuable information.

It might just be the new go-to platform for blockchain startups looking to gain exposure.

2Key is a decentralized global referral network. Its goal is to become the go-to platform to be used to share information about products, services, and events. The platform encourages the free-flow of valuable information through human referral chains.

This is made possible by the 2Key’s Multi-Step tracking technology which makes it possible to track and reward every user involved in the link-sharing chains.

Using this technology, anyone can easily create their own referral link based on a smart contract, define their goal (such as more exposure, leads, or sales), and incentivize the human network to share this message to achieve it.

The Future of Advertising

There are a huge number of predictions about how advertising will change in the future that can be applied to the ICO industry.

Perhaps one of the biggest changes that we will witness, is the ever-increasing personalization of advertising.

Long gone are the days when the best way to advertise was to put up a massive banner advert in the middle of the city center that would attract the attention of everyone who passed by.

In today’s world, the best advertising would be the one which is highly targeted. A study by Rocket Fuel revealed that 80% of millennials see value in brands engaging them with personalized offers.

Platforms like 2Key that are part of the moment shifting advertising away from the hands of big brands, back into the control of the human network, could act as a major catalyst for changing the future of advertising.