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Fortnite Adds Monero As Payment Method

Cryptocurrency has started to gain popularity as a payment mode. Industry giants from various sectors are accepting it as a safe medium for transactions. Fortnite, the renowned merchandise store which once took the gaming world by storm, has now made the crypto-community happy too with its decision to incorporate Monero(XMR) as a payment method.

Monero’s lead developer Riccardo  Spagni tweeted conforming to the same.

Globee, a global cryptocurrency payment provider, will help out Fortnite with the processing of payments. Though the provider also specializes in exchange of coins like Bitcoin(BTC),  Ripple(XRP) and Litecoin(LTC). But for the time being, Monero is the only digital currency that is being used as a transaction medium by Fortnite. Users can also use conventional gateways like credit cards and Paypal for payments.

This pronouncement attracted the members of the crypto-community and gathered acceptance from enthusiasts all around the world. Such a decision by a popular gaming organization has given an optimistic viewpoint to sceptical individuals who claim that the currency lacks security.

Addition of more such crypto-coins as a payment method has been demanded by the community as it will give the crypto-world a  much better position.

Though the reviews regarding the impact of the game on the society have been in a bad light, crypto-supporters have trumped them with responses that appreciate the gaming giant’s move.

Fortnite gained popularity as an online gaming platform that came in 2017 and since then has amassed more than 125 million players worldwide.

Back in October, Malwarebytes- a cybersecurity firm stated that scammers are targeting Bitcoin(BTC) wallet addresses of Fortnite gamers. Also, In June, Palo Alto Networks-a network and enterprise security company stated that 5 percent of XMR in existence has been mined by cryptojackers. Regardless of the facts that emerged, Monero grew up by 3.27 percent and trades at $47.46.  ,