Trump’s Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke To Switch To Blockchain Firm

Ryan Zinke, who had been serving as the interior secretary to the President of the United States has given up his coveted position in the White House to pursue his passion for blockchain technology. Over the course of last two years, Ryan Zinke, who was the interior secretary to POTUS Donald Trump, had been really enthusiastic in promoting the diverse uses of blockchain.

Now, after all that time of having invested in encouraging the growth of blockchain technology, Zinke has taken up a job with Artillery One, a company that works with blockchain.

This particular blockchain project is being conducted by The North Carolina Business Corporation. The company was established by Daniel Cannon, a financier from the Wall Street. Cannon had felt that the project would be appropriate for longtime blockchain proponent Ryan Zinke. That is why, an employment offer was extended to him.

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Zinke himself was ready to move from his job at the prestigious White House to take up this new position in an emerging sector. He has been quite active in this industry for a while now and has countered the concept that “blockchain does not really work” with vehemence. He said that:

“We think it does and we want to showcase the utility and flexibility of the model.”

His faith in the use cases of blockchain technology seems to be absolutely unwavering as he advocates its implementation in technology and more. To promote this vision and understanding of blockchain technology, he has decided to take up the new responsibility.

It may be noted, however, that Zinke’s tenure as interior secretary has been fraught with many allegations and scandals. Hence, many view his prospective switch, after he steps down at the end of the year, as nothing but a compulsion.

Blockchain, although it remains quite niche, has proved it worth in multiple sectors, ranging from pharmaceuticals to music, payments to digital identity.

More and more governments around the world are also taking affirmative steps in implementing this technology. The support from former government employees like Zinke will only take such implementation forward.

However, challenges remain. Even though the role of blockchain in supply chain is widely discussed and cited, the implementation has not yet been wide-ranging enough to guarantee a blockchain revolution.

However, with coming in of accomplished former bureaucrats like Zinke, we can definitely expect a boost. Till now, we have primarily seen former Wall Street execs make the switch. Perhaps its time for politicians too.