Former VISA MD to Head the Europe Business Development Division of Payment Platform, Nuggets

BTC Wires: Nuggets, a blockchain e-commerce payments and ID platform has roped in a former managing director at VISA as it aims to augur the global roll-out of its platform.

Earlier in 2014, Kevin Jenkins was appointed as the M.D UK and Ireland at VISA Europe. He was instrumental for carrying out the VISA business in the aforementioned markets. In an interesting turn of events for the London based blockchain startup, Jenkins has agreed to be a part of the board as a non-executive director with an underlying objective to boost ‘one-click, no-ID’ payments trend. As per the latest input, Jenkins will assists Nuggets to establish and develop their business in Europe.

According to the Alastair Johnson, CEO of Nuggets, Jenkins will help them to establish relationships which they need to roll their products as quickly as possible. He further adds that with his (Jenkins) inclusion in the team will bring in a wealth of experience, which will be very useful for the company. He (Alastair Johnson) is also excited about the changes they will be able to bring in to the way in which the people manage their payments.    

With Jenkins holding the top positions in Visa and Mastercard, Nuggets is hopeful that the knowledge and experience of Jenkins will be of great help in enhancing the customer’s payment journey in both the digital and physical world.

On the other hand, Jenkins believes that the current business model of holding personal information is fragmented and it needs immediate changes to be incorporated. According to some of the reports, customers are not satisfied with their payments journey, which further invigorates the need for changes.

He also went on to praise the company as he believes that it is doing a wonderful job in maintaining the balance between security and convenience, which the current system lacks big time.