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Former Barclays Executive Joins Fidelity Digital Asset

Chris Tyrer, a former executive at Barclays has begun his crypto journey by joining Fidelity Digital Asset, a crypto platform for the American financial services cooperation Fidelity Investments. Tyrer was the head of Barclays digital asset programme and work at the firm for over a decade. Apart from heading the digital asset programme Tyrer also headed a variety of portfolios including being the head of  Commodities Trading, and Global Head of Crude Oil Trading, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Tyrer while being a part of the renowned Barclays group also tried to start a digital asset trading desk, but due to the continuous decline in prices of cryptocurrencies in 2018, the plan was put on hold.

However, Tyrer was not the first former Barclays employee to be recruited by Fidelity Digital Asset, earlier the firm has named Christine Sandler, former Head of Equity Electronic Sales for the Americas at Barclays as the head of sales and marketing.

Fidelity Digital Asset went live early March this year with a selected number of clients, as the platform is being developed simultaneously. The head of the firm Tom Jessop said that while many users have joined the network as early as January, there are a certain number of people who might wait until September. Jessop also noted that the joining of clients totally depends upon their needs and circumstances.

Fidelity Investment was also part of the famous Lightning Torch movement which it received and passed on to the Harvard School Blockchain & Crypto Club. Lightning Torch movement was initiated by “now-famous” Bitcoin proponent Hodlonaut, in order to raise the awareness about the lightning network protocol and its robustness. The movement is a crypto community driven experiment where Hodlonaut first initiated it by adding 10,000 satoshis to another lightning user, and the receiver would do the same, creating a chain of events. Satoshi is the smallest denomination of Bitcoin