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Foreigners duped into paying ‘Loan Tax’ in bitcoin by this Mumbai Call Center

India has been in the news recently quite some times in relation to certain crypto scams. The trend continues with news of a new call center ring duping international callers into paying a supposed ‘loan tax’ in bitcoin. The call center is located in Mumbai, in Mira Road to be specific.

The center got their hands on private information of people, including their financial information like tax arrears and in-hand salaries, which they conveniently used against the victims. The victims were called up by the employees of the center and they were persuaded that they had to pay a ‘loan tax’, which the call center demanded in bitcoin.

The Mumbai Police is currently investigating this scam and the Thane Crime Branch has been assigned the case. Their Assistant Superintendent of Police, Atul Kulkarni, has offered greater insight into the case and revealed certain facts. As of now, seven arrests have been made in a raid that the police conducted, after they were tipped off by an unrevealed source. All these seven people are aged between 22 and 42. However, the police have not yet been able to pinpoint the total sum of money that these fraudsters have earned. The investigators have seized all the equipments from the center, like computers and other devices. More information could be retrieved once the crime branch goes through the content of the computers.

One can’t help but recall a similar fraud that had been committed in the same place, Mira Road, a couple of years back. Back then, more than 6000 US residents had to part with their money after being roped in by frauds who claimed to be calling from the Internal Revenue Service.

BTC Wires had previously reported about the GainBitcoin Ponzi Scheme which went on under the leadership of kingpin Amit Bhardwaj and raked in a massive US$150 million. Investors need to be more careful in the near future about who they entrust their money with..