Forbes Collaborates With Civil, For Transparent Block-chain Journalism

One of the oldest and most well-known brands in Journalism, Forbes, joined hands with Civil, a Blockchain journalism network, in order to archive their experimentation with the content that they publish. This is an attempt to figure out the ways which best suits an audience when it comes to blockchain related journalism, and an effort to increase their trust. This partnership will also allow Forbes to explore new areas and ways of audience engagement, and consequently, work our additional revenue streams.

Forbes today, is a globally recognized name, which celebrates the most influential leaders and entrepreneurs who are the face of change and working towards leaving behind a positive and significant impact on the world. It reaches approximately 120 million people, every month, across the world.

Civil is a blockchain based platform that enables a direct, peer-to-peer exchange between journalists and their readers so as to provide a more customised version of what they want to read, watch and/or listen to. It is a platform that is working on ways to encourage more transparent, trustworthy, and ethical journalism.

As per their agreement, Forbes will start publishing metadata from few of their articles to the Blockchain, via civil to permanently archive the information and prevent any alteration of the main text. These articles will have a Civil “badge” to indicate that the content has been inscribed into the blockchain and is as per Civil’s journalistic values. Forbes’ content management system, “Bertie” will now accommodate Civil’s blockchain publishing tools, and this, in turn, will ensure proven authorship, permanent archiving, and enable better control over content rights.

About the collaboration, the Senior Vice President of Product and Technology at Forbes, Sarah Zalatimo said,

“Forbes and Civil believe passionately in the mission of journalism, and together we can provide audiences with a level of unprecedented transparency around our content. We’ll also be able to expand the reach of our writers and identify new revenue channels over time.” 

 While Matthew Iles, CEO at Civil conveyed,

 “We look forward to working with Forbes as we connect with a broader audience interested in new, more direct ways to discover, share and support ethical journalism.”

This collaboration is another sign of Forbes’ long legacy of experimentation and innovation.