Fight over ‘Satoshi Vision’ intensifies as Bitcoin Cash Heads towards a Blockchain Split

The war of Satoshi’s original vision is intensifying within the bitcoin cash technical community because the fourth largest cryptocurrency is indicating towards the split of blockchain in coming November.

Andrew Stone, Bitcoin Unlimited lead developer have written a post on the Bitcoin forum. The main aim of that post was to escalate the war of words about the blockchain split.

Developers of bitcoin, as well as nChain, have to move forward of the network’s schedule hard fork in coming November. Though the war for the future of bitcoin cash protocol is intensifying at a rapid pace but a neutral development team came in the light for calling for the ceasefire.

Craig Wright of nChain has released the short for Satoshi Vision which is known as an alpha version of Bitcoin SV. Recently nChain has also announced the full node Bitcoin Cash implementation. nChain is also creating a bitcoin cash mining pool which will be known as SV Pool. SV Pool is in line with the original Satoshi Vision. From September the miners will be on board on the SV Pool. First bitcoin SV Nodes have already started to come online. These nodes have eight listening nodes which are connected to the bitcoin cash network. Bitcoin ABC has 1,444 nodes which are running Bitcoin ABC software. It is equivalent to more than 64% of the entire network. If nCash wants to supplement Bitcoin ABC, it has a long way to go.

To compete with Bitcoin ABC, nCash has taken the support of CoinGreek to release Bitcoin Cash client. CoinGeek is the largest Citcoin Cash mining pool whose full node implementation is considered most popular among Bitcoin Cash miners.

Both nCash and Bitcoin ABC have different visions for the technical future of Bitcoin Cash. Because of the different visions of these companies Bitcoin Cash could split into multiple versions in November during the hard fork. nCash and Bitcoin ABC also have different point of view about the Bitcoin whitepapers.

Early bitcoin adopter and owner of, Cobra is going to launch a Bitcoin Cash client which does not have any new feature except for replay protection which will enable the users to use Bitcoin Cash as usual without the fear of losing funds because of blockchain split. Cobra said that he has already secured the support of one major cryptocurrency exchange and at least 25% of the Bitcoin Cash hashrate.