Fabled Developer Amir Taaki Is Not Giving Up On Crypto

BTC Wires: Having made a name for himself due to his association with names like Dark Wallet, Darkleaks and OpenBazaar, Amir Taaki has emerged as one of  the most notoriously famous developers in the crypto community. Though the reason for his fame vary, and are seen differently from person to person. While some consider him a disruptive genius, others regard him as a disruptive rogue force within the ecosystem.

However, the current objective on the mind of the developer is to set up his academy of hackers and coders, set to be named Autonomous Polytechnics. With its focus shifted on elements of blockchain tech like anonymity and autonomy, this academy was earlier said to be set up in Greece, however Taaki has come up with a more favourable geographic location for his brainchild. He now feels that Catalonia is perhaps the most lucrative location for setting up his academy, owing to the autonomy of the Spanish community.

Taaki has already done his whiteboard homework and explained the biological cell evolution, the societal structure and the contribution that technology can have by initiating trends like monopolisation and atomisation. By implementation of the UNIX theory, Taaki plans to come up with a suite that is to be furnished by the Autonomous Polytechnics. Although, it was still possible for people to look past the suite and figure out details of a dark machinery that was at play behind it. On asking about his plans with this newfound suite, Taaki said:

“Every revolutionary movement needs to have a technological arm, and we are the technological arm of the democratic confederalist movement. This is our objective as an organization, which is using technology for autonomous democracy and the collapse of the system of nation states around the world.”

Amir mentioned how recruits of this academy will undergo a training procedure that will prepare newcomers for a period of three months, which shall be repeated between six to twelve months. Even though there is potential for ideological diversity, it is expected of the core attendants to maintain strict timetables. Throwing more light on the program, Taaki said:

“It’s a vehicle for developing them as leaders, to develop their skills technically, socially and being able to effectively organize other human beings and coordinate together tightly. Together we can elevate each other higher, we can learn from each other, we can dedicate ourselves to a sense of purpose and become stronger. And because we gain something from this, we are willing to forgo certain comforts of life, certain smaller freedoms for an even bigger freedom that we want to grasp.”