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F1 Racing Game Launches First Crypto Collectibles

The monumental rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies has been noticed for quite some time now, with more and more sectors adopting and accepting crypto as a legitimate form of payment. According to recent reports, the newest entry to this bandwagon is the F1 Delta Time, which is a blockchain-based racing game.

They have just launched a new line of crypto collectables including “Cars, Drivers, and Components.” The report elaborates that the collectables are based on the ERC-271 non-fungible token standard, which allows different attributes for each token. The creators, howver have noted that

“fungible Tokens (FTs) based on the ERC-20 token standard will function as a currency in the game, and will be equally necessary as they will be used in transactions such as paying entry fees and purchasing certain items.”

The creators of F1 Delta Time, Animoca Brands, are also responsible for the creation of various other mobile products and games like “Crazy Kings” and “The Sandbox” ass well as games based on Garfield and Doraemon. This, however, is one of their first blockchain-based racing games. The report says that the first collectable vehicle, called the 1-1-1, is up for auction and has already reached an inexplicable $92,124. What makes this auction interesting is that it can be marked as one of the first examples of in-game NFT sales from a game maker with mainstream clout.

Though it is doubtful if many are willing to buy a virtual car for 360 ETH, it’s clear there is some sort of real or imaginary demand for these products. Maybe we’ll soon be able to buy collectable Garfield hairballs if Animoca integrates their other properties into the system?