Ex-Trump Adviser and Former Goldman Sachs President To Help Blockchain Superstartup

Gary Cohn, the ex-White House economic adviser, has recently commenced a new career in blockchain industry.

Reported in an official statement on Friday, the former Goldman Sachs president is highly prepared to advise fintech startup Spring Labs, who build blockchain-centered solutions for anchoring and sharing consumer credit information with the utmost safety and security.

Cohn has clearly been engrossed in blockchain technology, since before his chance under Trump, remarking that he had looked into its potential while serving in White House in the meantime.

Cohn told to the Financial Times, “We all know all the inefficiencies of the existing currency world and blockchain clearly helps to eliminate them at some point in the future.”

Spring Labs was propelled in 2017 by the founders of US customer loans firm Avant, and before long brought $15 million up in seed funding to build a blockchain-focused framework that would safely anonymize consumer credit information.

Gary Cohn popularly resigned from his job in the White House in the wake of dissenting Trump’s plan to present steep tariffs on steel and aluminum imports.

Before you get all hepped up on ‘hopium’ and completely initiate the bull mode, Gary Cohn told the reporters that he wasn’t too enthusiastic about “individual digital currencies like Bitcoin”, and that he was for the most part into the general blockchain technology like Smart Contracts.

Well, whatever had happened in the past and happening in the present is surely the matter of discussion. But for now, all we can do is to cheers to Mr. Gary Cohn for this new job. It makes no difference whatever has happened throughout the years, this job will be better than his last. May this new job in blockchain tech bring some positive changes for his career and benefit him in the future with a bunch of prosperity.